Conscious Cup Campaign

Conscious Cafes

Climate Change and environmental issues are becoming increasingly more important as we move towards Conscious Consumerism.  Independent cafes and chains that participate in our campaign are recognised as being Conscious Cafes that want to reduce their impact on the environment.

how to participate

Don't forget to inform all your staff so they know you are part of the campaign and please encourage them to chat with customers about the reusable cup discount.

  • You need to offer a discount/incentive to customers who bring a reusable cup.
  • Enter your details here
  • We will send you a Free Support Pack including a poster and window sticker, we will also geo-tag your location on our map.
  • We will post your participation on our social media to promote your Cafe.
  • Please ensure you display the price reduction/incentive on your displays
  • Always provide ceramic cups for your "sit in" customers, consider an extra charge for supplying a disposable cup.


Click here to find the exact Google Maps latitude and longitude coordinates of your cafe location.

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