coffee-hot-weather-gettyTake away coffee/tea cups look recyclable, but they’re not.  There is a thin membrane of plastic in the wall of the cups that hold the liquid in.  This makes sense as we don’t want hot liquid spilling out of our take-away cups.  In Ireland, we are throwing away over 200 million of these take away cups each year!

However, there is another way.

Instead of using cardboard take-away cups that are used once and then thrown away, why don’t you bring your own reusable cup and ask your coffee shop for a discount or other incentive such as double loyalty stamps?  Not only will you reduce your waste, but you might save some money as well.

There are many reusable coffee cups for sale and many different brands.  Just buy one that suits your personality and image.  As the coffee spigots in coffee shops are only so high, to ensure that they don’t use paper cups to fill up your larger reusable coffee cup, buy one that is a similar size to the takeaway ones your local shop sells.

Encourage your local coffee shop or petrol station to join the Conscious Cup Network and we will map it on our website.

We hope to change take-away coffee behaviour one cup at a time.  Won’t you join us?