Cafes-Why join the Campaign

  • We will send you a pack containing a poster and window sticker.
  • We will geo-tag your location on our live interactive map.
  • Your Cafe will benefit from cost savings through reduced disposable cup/lid expenditures.
  • You have the opportunity to provide a fun photo for promotion on our website and social media.
  • It will help reduce your litter and landfill, cutting long-term waste collection costs.  It will help reduce your carbon, water, paper, and oil footprint in your area.
  • Build community pride and public awareness of waste and litter.
    If you offer compostable cups then you will need provide on-site compost bins and communicate to people why they need to use them instead of general waste.
  • Dispose of your spent coffee beans in a compostable bin.

To join our campaign
Contact us and let us know your discount/incentive-we will send you a free pack and geo-tag your store.  Don’t forget to the discount/incentive onto your price displays so you are indicating you accept reusable cups.
Train staff:
i) To always offer a ceramic cup when the customer is sitting in.
ii) That your cafe gives a discount/incentive to those using a reusable cup

Most importantly for your business, take a photo of your Cafe/Staff/our poster and send it to us so we can promote it across our social media.

If you would like to stock reusable cups you might find the following links to wholesalers helpful:
EA Symmons, The Coffee Lady E Cupan

If you wish you can print this poster for your Cafe or alternatively we can send you the supporters pack.