Companies & Organisations

Organisations who join the campaign…
If your organisation has an on-site Cafe offering a discount/incentive then we can send you a pack containing a poster and window sticker.

  • We will geo-tag your organisation location on our live interactive map to help promote and if you send us a fun photo we can promote on our website and social media.
  • Your organisation will also benefit from cost savings through reduced disposable cup/lid expenditures and it will help reduce your litter and landfill, cutting long-term waste collection costs.
  • It will help reduce your carbon, water, paper, and oil footprint in your area.
  • It will make a significant addition to your Corporate Social Responsibility through community and employee pride, public awareness of waste and litter.

If you offer compostable cups then you will need to provide on-site compost bins and communicate to people why they need to use them instead of general waste.

How to introduce a Campaign in your workplace or organisation
Behaviour breeds behaviour so the more of us that use reusable cups the more likely there is going to be a positive outcome.

  1. Make contact with the following departments if in your organisation, Green Team, Procurement, HR and CSR to help set up a campaign. If you don’t have a green team, think about setting one up with a team of volunteers in your own department or across a few, there are always people who are interested in environmental issues.
  2. Once you have a few people on board your committee then you could issue a newsletter to educate people about our campaign and the issues about disposable cups.
  3. You could do some research in your workplace to see how many disposable cups are consumed.
  4. Have a week where everyone has to dispose of their cups in a certain area and then at the end of the week the visual impact of this will be evidence of the waste generated.
  5. Organise a lunchtime event to highlight the campaign, ask people to sign a pledge to carry a cup or use a ceramic when sitting in.  Make it fun, taking photos and having a competition (see if your organisation will fund some cups).
  6. If you have a tendering process for catering services in your organisation then you could suggest to the procurement department that in future it includes a policy on
    1. Joining the Conscious Cup Campaign
    2. Using only ceramic cups in your canteen and ditching the disposables
    3. Composting their spent coffee beans
  7. Look at introducing a ban on disposables in your workplace….A year of disposable cups.

You might get a few ideas from this link by Keep Cup on various case studies.

We do not have any allegiance with suppliers but if you would like to stock reusable cups you might find the following links to wholesalers helpful
The Coffee Lady, The Brand Geeks, E Cupan, EA Symmons,

There are numerous retailers around the country including independent Cafe’s, Cafe chains and On-line stores can also be found in Ireland.

Here are some promotional tools to help you….

Conscious Cup Campaign Poster 

Pledge to Carry a Cup Poster








Cork University College Library a successful disposable cup free zone