Why carry a cup

  • You can receive a discount/incentive when you use your reusable cup, our interactive map is a great source for identifying participating Cafes.
  • You are reducing your litter and landfill, cutting long-term waste collection costs.
  • Reduce your carbon, water, paper, and oil footprint in your area, less waste in your black bin = less cost.
  • By choosing to be part of this network you are voicing your demand for change and showing you care about the environment and future generations.

To join our campaign
Like our facebook page @consciouscupcampaign
Invest in a reusable cup and encourage friends/family to do the same.
Give your friends/family the gift of a cup!  Reusable cups are widely available to purchase in most cafes and they often offer your first coffee free when you purchase their cup.

The most common size is a medium 12oz/340ml.

Be part of the change by asking  local cafe’s to join our campaign and giving them the following information letter.

Encourage them to join by asking if they give a discount when using your reusable.  If we don’t have them mapped then let us know the discount they offer and we can organise it.