Conscious Cup Campaign

Conscious Cup Campaign Resources

Since 2016, The Conscious Cup Campaign has gathered so much momentum with various groups across the country. This is thanks to all our supporters, the people on the ground who encourage Cafes to join and the Cafes themselves.

Our emphasis has always been on getting things done through collaboration and community engagement.  It is through this network that we can empower individuals to create social norms within their very own communities.  

Schools, Tidy Towns, Colleges, Universities, Companies, Environmental groups, County Councils... so many are genuinely interested in wanting to see a change and also want to drive that change.  None of us can fight Climate Change alone, it is going to take everyone working together to achieve a common goal.

We have put together a Resources section to try and assist people who want to help. We are not experts at anything so please do let us know any ideas you have, what has worked and what hasn’t.  We love feedback so that we can fine tune our solutions.


Independent cafes and chains that participate in our campaign are recognised as being Conscious Cafes that want to reduce their impact on the environment.


Companies and Organisations

Just as Cafes can join our campaign, so too can companies. All across Ireland we have been supporting companies to reduce their use of disposable cups. 


Communities, Schools & Tidy Towns

Our campaign started with a group of individuals who met through the Zero Waste Ireland Facebook page. We currently use 22,000 disposable cups every hour in Ireland and we were concerned because these were not Recyclable.



We all have the opportunity to take action to reduce our negative impact on this earth, please find as follows some resources which may help. We welcome any feedback and of course we love to hear and share your stories too.