Conscious Cup Campaign

Contactless Coffee & accepting Reusable Cups

What is Contactless Coffee?

A globally recognised, safe way to serve customers in their own reusable cup!  

Check out the following Videos produced by Coffee Roasters, Cafes and Communities on how easy and safe #ContaclessCoffee can be...

Bell Lane Coffee Roasters and Mortons 

Cloud Picker Coffee Roasters

Hana Hall & Fiona Ryan Filmmakers

And here is the simple step by step guide

If you are a Cafe who is offering #ContactlessCoffee, don't forget to ensure all your employees know how it works!

Us Re-users are only delighted to support your business.

As a Cafe:

Please share the videos with your employees to show how simple it is. An easy solution is to use a small tray or mark a spot on the counter for customers to put their cup, this visual helps reinforce that the cup stays where it is and no one needs to touch it.

Enable Conscious Consumers to find you on our map

Check our our Map of verified Cafes accepting reusable cups in Ireland. If you are a Cafe that would like to be added to the list please follow this link. Likewise, if you know of a Cafe who is accepting your reusable please let us know and we would be delighted to confirm it with them and can add them to the map.


And what about the Food Safety Authority?

There is no ban by the Food Safety Authority on reusables, it is up to each individual business to decide on their policy, details from their website can be found here. They also encourage the use of crockery for sit in as there is no policy insisting on disposables.

The Department of Communication, Climate Action and the Environment along with Professor Luke O'Neill, Immunologist in Trinity College Dublin have endorsed #ContactlessCoffee.

You will find his signature here along with

Over 125 health experts defending the safety of reusables by Greenpeace.