Conscious Cup Campaign

Covid & accepting Reusable Cups

Many incorrectly believe that the Food Safety Authority do not allow reusables because of COVID but this is untrue.  What the Food Safety Authority do say is that it is up to each individual business to decide on their policy, details from their website can be found almost half way down here

In terms of disposable crockery and cutlery they say

"It is not necessary to use disposable cups, cutlery or other disposable crockery. Washing crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher will kill any virus present. Proper hygiene practices must always be observed when handling crockery and cutlery.  Using disposable crockery and cutlery can lead to a false sense of security and can mean staff are not as conscious of hygiene practices when handling these items."

All over the world, Cafes are accepting Reusable Cups from Conscious Consumers using a method that is safe for Barista, Consumer and the Planet and we call it Contactless Coffee.

The Department of Environment, Climate & Communication along with Professor Luke O'Neill, Immunologist in Trinity College Dublin have endorsed #ContactlessCoffee.

You will find his signature here along with Over 125 health experts defending the safety of reusables by Greenpeace.

So how does Contactless Coffee work?  Have a look at some of the videos below...

Here it is in Practice

And here is the simple step by step guide

If you are a Cafe who is offering #ContactlessCoffee, don't forget to ensure all your employees know how it works!

Us Re-users are only delighted to support your business.

As a Cafe

Please ensure you share the videos with your employees to show how simple it is and also incorporate with training for new starters. An easy solution is to use a small tray or mark a spot on the counter for customers to put their cup, this visual helps reinforce that the cup stays where it is and no one needs to touch it.

Food at UCD   Small         Muse   Small

Enable Conscious Consumers to find you on our map

Check out our Map of Cafes accepting reusable cups in Ireland. If you are a Cafe that would like to be added to the list please follow this link. Likewise as a consumer, if you know of a Cafe who is accepting your reusable please let us know and we would be delighted to confirm it with them and we can add them to the map so together we can all support each other.