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Consumers seek out businesses who are more socially responsible as Climate Change and environmental issues are becoming increasingly more important.  The Zero Waste lifestyle is a rising trend with consumers and indeed businesses which will not disappear as consumers wish to move towards a more sustainable way of living.  

Out of 100 gigatons of extracted resources, only 8.6% are recycled back into the economy highlighting the need to shift to a Circular Economy whereby we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life.

Independent cafes and chains that participate in our campaign are recognised as being Conscious Cafes that want to reduce their impact on the environment by discouraging single use.  

We are here to help so please get in contact if we can support you in moving towards reuse.

how to participate

Check out the guidelines below and don't forget to inform all your employees so they know that your cafe is part of the campaign.

  • You need to offer a discount/incentive to customers who bring a reusable cup.

  • Post your participation on social media with a video or photo tagging us and we will promote to our followers.  We would encourage less photos of single use cups in your media and more of reusables to indicate your support for reuse.

  • Please ensure that:

    • Your customers know that you accept reusable cups in the safe #Contactless Coffee system we support
    • You display the price reduction/incentive
    • All employees including new starters are aware of how #ContactlessCoffee works and have seen the videos on this page so that they serve safely.
  • Always provide ceramic cups for your "sit in" customers.

  • People love good news, why not promote how many customers you have served using a reusable cup!  A simple display with a blackboard can even inspire change for others to bring their own.

Conscious Cup Campaign Cafe Supporters


Click here to find the exact Google Maps latitude and longitude coordinates of your cafe location.

Do you accept reusable containers from customers? If you also give a discount for this please advise and we can add that also.

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