Conscious Cup Campaign

Why choose to Reuse?

Despite what you might think, takeaway cups are not recyclable in Ireland. This means that we dispose of over 22,000 takeaway cups each hour.

If we use reusable cups we can save all those resources

Waste of Resources

Apart from logistical problems with recyclable or compostable takeaway cups, both of these options use up valuable resources for what is essentially a single-use item. Both require raw materials and energy to make, transport and dispose of them, these resources can never be recouped.

If we use reusable cups we can save all those resources! Please join our campaign to reduce takeaway coffee cups.

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What about Recyclable or Compostable Cups?

Yes there are recyclable and compostable cups on the market in ireland but due to the unique collection system in place for recyclables it does not allow for these to be placed in the recycle bin. The reason for this is the mixed recyclables get sorted by machines which cannot differentiate between the various types of single use cups meaning that they potentially end up in the paper stream and cause contamination.

These are still single use items depleting natural resources and promoting the unsustainable linear economy encouraging a make, take and throwaway lifestyle.

the circular economy
Recycling of takeaway cups is possible, but it’s notoriously difficult