Conscious Cup Campaign

As Individuals, We Choose Reuse

We all have the opportunity to take action to reduce our negative impact on this earth, every action counts and what you do can even influence others to change their behaviour.  So why not invest in a reusable cup, the best one is always the one that you use and encourage friends/family to do the same.  

Reusable cups are widely available to purchase in most cafes and they often offer your first coffee free when you purchase their cup.

There are many types of reusable cups, if you have a 12oz Keep Cup then you might like to check out the Keep Cup impact calculator

Always ensure that it is clean when handing to a Barista.

Why carry a cup

  • You can often receive a discount/incentive when you use your reusable cup, our interactive map is a great source for identifying participating Cafes.
  • You are part of the solution by reducing your carbon footprint you are supporting the circular economy and helping the fight against Climate Change.
  • Coffee never tastes as good in a single use cup....choose Reuse and when you sit in, ask for #CeramicsFirst

To join our campaign

Like our facebook page @consciouscupcampaign and follow us on instagram @consciouscupcampaign and twitter @CCCampaign_Irl 

be part of the change

Be part of the change by asking local cafe’s to join our campaign and map.

Encourage them to join by asking if they give a discount when using your reusable.

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